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Platinum Dermal Fillers Course

  /  Platinum Dermal Fillers Course


Platinum Dermal Fillers Course

Our exclusive Platinum dermal fillers course will teach you to have to safely and expertly progress your injection skills to the elite level of SkInJecToR

On the course, you will learn the following

A&P of the face, nose, ear lobes and hands

You will learn how to safely inject these areas to create the perfect nose and ear lobes as well as injecting into the hands to create younger-looking hands

You will be taught how much filler to use safely and about the various complications that can arise in these high-risk areas


To book on to this course you will need to already be a qualified aesthetics practitioner and certificates will be required before you will be accepted on to this course



Please note that due to what we deem a very Serious and Misleading issue with regards ABT’s accrediting process we no longer accredit our courses via ABT.