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T T R = “Training Therapists Right”

T T R won Scotland’s Best Education and Training Provider at Scotland’s Business Awards in Glasgow in 2018 & 2019 for Aesthetics and Beauty training courses. We were also voted in the TOP 5 Best Training Providers and highly commended in the UK National Beauty Awards 2018

T T R has won various awards over the years and prides itself not only on excellent therapies and client service but also ensuring all our staff and delegates are trained to the highest standards within the industry


Tina McCaffery

Our founder Tina McCaffery set up T T R with the aims of ensuring that therapies of all kinds were affordable to members of the public and that any person who wanted to come into the industry was able to train and become one of the elite T T R Therapists without it breaking the bank!

With that in mind, T T R has shattered the industry standards when it comes to costs of treatments and training and then set the bar for others in the industry even higher by setting up a licensing system for all delegates who qualify as T T R Therapists/Specialists
T T R headquarters are located in the highlands of Scotland, but we have training locations throughout the UK and can also come train you and your staff at your own clinic/salon.

Our founder Tina McCaffery as well as being a senior well known Aesthetics lecturer, assessor and lead iqa across the UK Tina also specialises in helping people in pain and has developed a treatment programme called P.M.T that has a very high success rate in getting people out of pain if its muscular and reducing peoples pain drastically if it is skeletal. The exclusive P.M.T treatment was also in the TOP 5 Finalists for Best Advanced Treatment and highly commended in the UK National Beauty Awards 2018.

All our courses are fully accredited and insurable.

A booking fee is payable a minimum of fourteen days before the course starts with balance being due 48 hours before course date All booking fees are non refundable as it covers the manuals being sent out and reserving course place. If the course needs to be rescheduled by the student then a £50 non refundable booking fee is payable. Covid19 booking-The booking fee is non refundable as covers cost of manuals and course placement. However, if either ourselves or the student need to reschedule due to localised, full lockdown or being unable to go from one tier to another then there will be no chargeable booking fee payable