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T.T.R Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting/Waxing

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T.T.R Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting and Waxing

Eyebrows frame the face and eyelashes make the eyes pop and everyone wants them done (well nearly everyone). So why not add this extremely popular treatment to your treatment menu today?!

Here at T.T.R we will show you how to wax the eyebrows to perfectly suit your clients face. We will show you how to tint thy eyebrows and lashes to perfection leaving you with a clientel that comes back month after month.

Pre-requistes – None perfect for the beginner or the therapist simply wanting to do CPD

Course details

Anatomy of the face, eyebrows and lashes
Client consultations
Health & Safety
Hand Hygiene
Room and equipment set up
Building your business
Favours do not pay
Social Media and how to use it in your business

To book this course you can click on the diary, use our contact us page or call 01349 883713