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Online Training Courses Now Available

Offering Accredited Insurable Courses For Medics and None Medics Across the UK.

Begin Your Journey into the Awesome World of Beauty – Aesthetics and Complementary Therapies.

We Offer Unique Bespoke Training Courses Across Scotland and the UK.

T.T.R Courses are designed exclusively to ensure that you are always at the forefront of new treatments.

Are you a Mature Student? Concerned about study? Concerned about other students?

Well STOP! Many of our students are classed as mature and that places us in an ideal position to help you study and develop in your chosen modalities!

Dermal Fillers

Whether you are looking for personal development or more from your professional life, our award-winning CPD Certified Foundation level Botox and Filler Training Course will provide you with essential practical skills and business knowledge to kickstart your aesthetic career. The Foundation Course is also part 1 of the full Level 7 Qualification in Botox and Dermal Filler.


Online Training

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Covid-19 Clinical Safety Course

Passionate About Training

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SkInJecTorS ® is a registered trademark exclusive to T.T.R Ⓡ

The revolutionary concept behind the logo and idea was developed and designed by our founder and senior aesthetics lecturer, assessor and lead iqa Tina McCaffery

A booking fee is payable a minimum of fourteen days before the course starts with balance being due 48 hours before course date All booking fees are non refundable as it covers the manuals being sent out and reserving course place. If the course needs to be rescheduled by the student then a £50 non refundable booking fee is payable. Covid19 booking-The booking fee is non refundable as covers cost of manuals and course placement. However, if either ourselves or the student need to reschedule due to localised, full lockdown or being unable to go from one tier to another then there will be no chargeable booking fee payable

More Than Just Training

We Are A Community

The STV Appeal has been our chosen charity for the past six years and will continue to be so until there are no children living in poverty in Scotland!

Each year we do various events- These will be shown on our FB page


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